No.1 ISPs in Sierra Leone

VPN Connectivity

VPN Connectivity
To Provide a highly secure foundation that connects data centers, corporate headquarters, branch offices, small offices and mobile workers to each other, furthermore to the applications they use to be productive AI Networks uses Cisco routers and standard Cisco tunneling encryption with full range customer bandwidth to interconnect client’s Head offices with branch office and remote client locations.

Client can unite multiple networks into a MPLS-enabled IP VPN that permits users to depend on a single network to include solution such as voice over IP capabilities, collaboration or cloud applications.It gives a protected and reliable network, which cleverly optimizes wide area communications and business applications.


ISP & Network Related Services

ISPs Internet Connectivity
AI Networks is one of the largest Internet Service Provider in Sierra Leone. The company offers different services to the corporate and consumer sectors and further exploring the possibilities to broaden several other exceptional online services to its valued customers, whether these customers operate their business locally or internationally. AI Networks provides high speed internet connectivity that meet requirements of customers for unlimited, reliable bandwidth at affordable costs and value added services such as secure data storage at our data center due to these attributes hundreds of businesses and consumers are converted into AI Network’s loyal fans.



Load Balancing on VPN or Internet Connectivity

AI Networks Load Balancing
AI Networks provide never ended support to our customer’s businesses through wide range of solutions available for Wide Area Network. Through Cisco routers AI Networks offer an automatic load balancing and Quality of service technology which help to share the load on the network.

Data is automatically failed over to available lines if a connection, component or service fails. AI Networks Internet Load balancing solutions works with all existing hardware and applications and ensures that in the unlikely event of our services failure Network load will seamlessly move to secondary provider with automatic failover when our connectivity or the primary connectivity is restored.


Wide Area Network Consulting

AI Networks Wide Area Networking
AI Network offers consultancy service to better understand customer’s current services, business challenges, future technology needs and selection criteria to setup private links as per client’s request by either using our Industry standard equipment or that provided by our clients. With AI Network vast experience of network infrastructure consulting and telecommunications, we can design a network that meets customer’s needs and budget, provide setup network monitoring systems on any customer device with instant SMS and or email notification on any device and service or port failure all these consulting services helps propel our customer’s organization toward its future goals.


Live Streaming

AI Networks Live Streaming
We are always working to provide a superior Internet connection to all our customers through new system changes. AI Networks gives a complete scope of live and on demand streaming solutions and serves both enterprise and individual internet streamers.
With faster speed our customers can not only enjoy streaming online gaming, TV shows, and downloading movies and pictures, but there’s also the benefit of working from home, video chat, downloading the most recent programming upgrades and a great deal more. In short, live streaming helps our customers in their personal and professional tasks to make them a lot easier and more efficient.



Client Experience Management Model

AI Networks Client Experience We are devoted to service excellence as measured by our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty to AI Networks. We work together with our customers and deliver innovative solutions to improve their business and positively impact their customers.
At the point when our customers win, we win. Successful clients drive the development of our business, thus our attention is on client satisfaction not just as an outcome, but also as a means of executing throughout our journey together.
This is the way AI Networks highly satisfies clients and earns their loyalty:



  • Achieve a deep understanding of our customers’ central goal and business targets. This enables our team to understand priorities and align our practices and behaviors accordingly through joint operating principles.
  • Team up with customers to develop mature, strategic and forward-looking governance practices.
  • Support and upgrade our clients’ corporate social responsibility from worldwide use cases and best practices.

Strategic Business Planning

  • Understand and impact our clients’ business procedures, needs and measures of success through our expertise.
  • Recognize and deliver high impact value-add for clients from their AI Network partnership.
  • Meet our clients’ business and operational objectives by utilizing all the resources of AI Network to pursue ongoing improvement and innovation.

Service Excellence

  • Convey more prominent value and enhanced customer experience based on continuous improvement and applied innovation with our wide range of network consulting services.
  • Apply best practices from industry standards/frameworks such as Load balancing networking service, network monitoring system setup and Wide Area Network Consulting, throughout the engagement lifecycle.
  • Create exceptional ability by continuous education to our technical team through role and skill based learning paths.