Internet Connectivity Provider in Sierra Leone

Our Mission

Be the pioneer in market and build strong relationship with customer by providing them quality services and customized solutions with highest level of accuracy & confidentiality.

Our Vision

To be Sierra Leone’s Business Communication Company of choice, leading innovative organization and provider of high bandwidth and data connectivity across the border.

AI Networks is an innovative data, video and voice communication provider in Sierra Leone

AI Networks, an operating company of Sierra Leone is an innovative data, video and voice communication provider having a passion to provide excellent connectivity and capacity 24hrs a day, along with Technical and Customer service support line we provide both Internet connectivity and interoffice connectivity locally and internationally via Industry standard secure Virtual Private Network links and thus provide Dedicated and High Speed Internet Services & Data Connectivity to our customer with the most reliable and fast sources available for this purpose that is fiber optic.
The company has a presence in the major business and residential areas of Freetown, Portloko, Lunsar, Makeni& Bo. through seventeen base station sites with Information Technology professionals having several years of experience in the industry.

AI Network is serving to many Enterprise segments, including law firms, financial companies, educational institutions, professional associations and government entities.

Company Profile

Our Management Principles

The management principles form the foundation for AI Network which guides us to achieve our mission,
below are the key principles on which our mission is based upon

Improvement of customer satisfaction

More than ever, we need to place customers at top priority of our concerns, as the value we create for them guarantees the success and profitability of AI Network.

Improvement of ourselves

Each employee will always be aware about the quality of their work and make continuous daily efforts to meet our valuable client’s satisfaction, which will contribute to self-improvement.

Approach for business improvement

We and continuous basis review and improve business contents and procedures in order to deliver our business with better quality.

Absolute value creation and corporate social responsibilities

Our aim is to enhance society with due regard to the integrity of the security of business for the purpose of promoting efficient productivity in the money related market.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy helps us to guide our work

WorforceAI Networks prides itself of its talented specialized work force. Our personnel is constantly engaged in mission critical projects, which requires world class skills. We not only utilize technology, but also configure the design and production process of it. Inclusion in a variety of research, engineering, and standardized projects ensures that we have updated knowledge of the technologies we work with.
ReliabitltyAI Networks does not advance or endorse any particular technology, product, or vendor. We carefully monitor the unique needs of our clients as per market trend, and implements the technologies and products that better suit client’s requirement.
ExplorationAs a company, AI Networks constantly contributes its resources on networking research and security research, which usually leads in our clients benefiting from bits of our knowledge gain by our research before their competitors.
CommunityAI Networks makes contributes their part to the networking and security market for the benefit of such industry as a whole whether they are clients of AI Networks or not. Our individualsactively participate in a variety of open gatherings and standards organizations, contribute their expertise to free software projects, and shares freely available tools and publications.

Corporate Social Responsibility

AI Networks as a socially aware and responsible entity is determined to do its utmost in furthering worthy causes that contribute to the lives of people of society and help better the standards of society as a whole.

  • Flow of information on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for businesses through trainings of employees regarding responsible management, reporting, and for the public through awareness activities.
  • Research on CSR, through the identification of the needs of member businesses and the focusing of their key concerns.
  • The acknowledgment of businesses for their best practices as a means of advancing CSR.
  • Cross-sectorial engagement with other businesses, the government and civil society to address social problems and create social projects.